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Saint Helena is a volcanic tropical island in the South Atlantic Ocean, measures about 16 by 8 kilometres and has a population of 4,534. The island, one of the most remote islands in the world, was named after empress Saint Helena of Constantinople. Not quite as remote as the eponymous island is the annual festival with its exquisite selection of Doom, Stoner and Post everything bands. With the announcement of Black Doom/Sludge four-piece Downfall Of Gaia, the lineup of the sixth edition was completed. 13 bands will be summoned at Feierwerk Munich three months from today on June 24, 2017.

Can’t wait to see them again: Thränenkind

Headlining the event will be Bristol-based Crippled Black Phoenix. Spawned in 2004, Founder and multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves had already made a name for himself as drummer for Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard among others. Signing with Season of Mist in 2016 brought the E.P. “New Dark Age” and the latest album “Bronze” which has been very well received by critics and fans alike. Crippled Black Phoenix create an atmosphere with a certain resemblance of one UK household names (Pink Floyd – for anyone who wouldn’t guess that…). At the other end of the scale Full Of Hell present their harsh grinding death from the east coast. Formed in 2009, this young Ocean City band has released their now acclaimed joint venture with none other than Merzbow himself. 2016 saw the release of their collaboration with the thundering and depressive duo, The Body, entitled “One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache” as well as a Split 7″ with Californian Hardcore monster Nails. 2017 will see the release of third full-length titled “Trumpeting Ecstasy” on May 5 via Profound Lore Records. And this night will also be Pychorizon’s reunion with the band that is single-handedly responsible for one of the best shows of last year AND the best album of 2016, Munich’s very own Thränenkind. The Post Black Metal outfit will be sharing stages with North Dakota-based Ghost Bath once more, to present their scene and genre dividing sound.

With acts like Ultha from Cologne, Heretoir from Augsburg, Phantom Winter & Cranial from Würzburg and Unru from my birthplace Bielefeld, the organisers of Saint Helena Festival place great emphasis on hosting bands from the German Black and Doom Metal scene. For complete lineup check flyer below.