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Jus & Liz…and they call it puffy love!

Hailing from the coastal Southwest of the United Kingdom, Electric Wizard have consistently redefined the preconceived thresholds of a detuned guitar chord with their peerless doom metal achievements. Formed by vocalist/guitarist Justin Oborn (previously with Lords of Putrefaction), bassist Tim Bagshaw, and drummer Mark Greening, and initially known as Thy Grief Eternal (briefer still, simply Eternal), the band made their debut with 1993’s; “Demon Lung” single – a split release with Our Haunted Kingdom (who later evolved into Orange Goblin). Released by Lee Dorrian’s very own Rise Above Records, the single paved the way for Electric Wizard’s eponymous first full-length a year later. Almost a quarter of a century later, Electric Wizard has seen numerous lineup changes and released seven more studio albums, the most recent, “Time To Die”, in September of 2014.

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Kicking off today, Electric Wizard will return to European soil and “there is a constant Electric Wizard line-up. Me and Liz, ” to quote the master himself and just to clarify this upfront. Joining in the Dorset Doomsters for all dates except for the Stockholm show tonight, will be fellow legends Angel Witch. Formed, originally under the name of Lucifer, and was initially composed of guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne, guitarist Rob Downing, drummer Steve Jones, and bassist Barry Clements. The band has regrouped and split up several times and has been going strong ever since getting back together at the dawn of the 2000s. Besides fronter Heybourne, the current incarnation features sticksman Andrew Prestidge and lowrider Will Palmer. With their self-titled debut, Angel Witch is considered as one of the most important bands from the NWOBHM-era. After missing their performance at the “Hunting Across Europe” tour in 2013, I will finally be catching up with them twice this month!