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When it comes to waiting, my personal limit will be exceeded very easily, but sometimes the wait it worth it and what could be more worthwhile than finally seeing Screamer again after a long four years? With Rock Hard Festival on the horizon, the supplementary Warm Up Show at Lükaz Lünen, which is happening a month from today, is the best way to upgrade my level of excitement.

Started out in 2009, Screamer recorded the ground setting demo “Never Going Down” after only two months as a band. The path was set and shows came pouring in. With their first two critically acclaimed albums in the bag – “Adrenaline Distractions” (2011) & “Phoenix” (2013), the Swedish band sees an ever-growing fan base, strong choruses and an intense stage presence. Now this Heavy Metal ‘n’ Roll machine is back in full force with a new singer, Andreas Wikström and bass player, Fredrik Svensson. Their third attempt “Hell Machine”  is out on February 24th, once again via High Roller Records and they kick it up more than few notches when releasing the new tracks in to the live set. Joining Screamer will be Spain’s very own Powerhouse Lizzies. Formed in 2010 in Madrid by guitarist Patricia Strutter and bassist Motorcycle Marina, the band is named after one of the street gangs from the film “The Warriors” (1979). Their relentless touring efforts saw them sharing stages with the likes of Night Viper, Honeymoon Disease and ’77. This year they will play Download Festival Madrid and German Stormcrusher Festival – this fierce four piece will hit it big time, so you better keep the name Lizzies in mind! And not to ditch the supreme rule of supporting the local underground, the Metal City Festival crew, who are responsible for the Warm Up Show, invited Old School Thrash youngsters Teutonic Slaughter to open up that night. Hailing from the depth of Germany’s industrial heart, the Ruhr-area, this aspiring quartette takes inspiration from genre veterans such as Sodom and Destruction. After the humble beginnings in 2011, their first release “United In Hate” (2014) was awarded as “Demo of the Month” in October 2015 by Rock Hard magazine. Their latest offering called “Witches Rock ´N´ Roll” has been casting spells on the local scene since early 2016 and will clearly grant them larger audiences.


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