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After her untimely leave from the band formerly known as post-apocalyptic rockers Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, Swedish guitarist Linnéa Olsson has made herself scares to the public. So it seemed that she would disappear from the surface again just as fast as her the band that brought her into the limelight – The Oath. But she is back with a vengeance and her very own vision of Rock’n’Roll: Maggot Heart.

Recorded in Linnéa’s chosen home of Berlin and Uppsala in 2016, the debut EP of this new musical gathering is called ‘City Girls’, with lyrics inspired by the restless place which has cast a spell on many musicians before. Joining in the blonde guitarist & vocalist, are her former bandmate Uno Bruniusson (Procession, Death Alley, ex-In Solitude) on drums & percussions, as well as Gottfrid Åhman (No Future, Reveal, ex-In Solitude, Invidious, Repugnant) and Sam Segarra of Drangsal, who share duties on bass. Additionally Gottfrid Åhman recorded ‘City Girls’ alongside Pierre Somville, who also holds responsible for the digital mix and mastering, while the vinyl mastering was done by Nene Baratto. Artwork and layout were created by Jan Fuck Utecht and the back cover photo was taken by Benedikt Eiden.

‘City Girls’, the debut EP from Linnéa Olsson’s Maggot Heart will be released on May 25, 2017  for download and on 12″ vinyl via Teratology Sound & Vision on June 09, 2017. Teratology Sound & Vision is a small mailorder operating from Berlin, Germany carrying a selected catalogue of vinyl, compact discs, tapes, zines and whatever might catch (y)our interest.


MAGGOT HEART on Bandcamp