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Melbourne Metal Monster Mammoth Mammoth is back with album number five. Self acclaimed as, ‘The most rock n roll, rock n roll band in the History of History’ and Described by one radio DJ a , ‘… a band that’s impossible not to admire their sense of humour; they never take themselves too seriously – yet are hugely serious about the riffage that hits you head on!’ Mammoth Mammoth call it ‘Heavy-murder-fuzz.’ And its effect as. ‘…the type of rock that sometimes kills unicorns’.

There is no argument that their dark, heavy and menacing tracks are an indelible signature that underlines their influences. All four share a reckless dedication to bleed for their audience. It’s certainly done no harm in establishing a strong reputation with stoner, doom and hard-rock fans.

Their first EP was released prior to any live shows proved popular in Europe and Australia with several tracks licensed to commercials and the feature film, The Loved Ones’. On the release of their third album, they we’re signed by European label Napalm Records who further released it worldwide to excellent reviews in November 2012. 2015 saw the release of Hammered Again with the band touring extensively across Australia and Europe. Now fresh out of the studio and set to deliver another powerful addition to our list of prior heavy Rock’n’Roll convictions. Their 4th studio album titled, Mount The Mountain is out today on Napalm Records.

Eleven power tracks that threaten to blow your mind, our new album yet again delivers stompers that will lead you blindfolded into a hellish inferno of psyched-out riffs and debauched, fist-pumping anthems. Mikey’s comment on the new release “We consider the writing of our albums not unlike working on a top fuelling drag car. We tinker around a bit, we strip the engine down to rebuild it by adding a couple new parts whilst taking some out, always trying to make it run faster and sounding louder, this time though we’ve added a bigger exhaust system and a load of nitrous …and a cup holder”.

Additionally the band will embark on a massive European tour, kicking off today at Desertfest Berlin The band will be busy all the way through late April and May and to top it all they will play at Freak Valley Festival and Binger Open Air Festival in June as well as Fraureuth Open Air Festival in September.

Mammoth’s “Mikey Tucker” says:

“We’re pumped to roll out the new songs across some of our favourite clubs in Europe. Writing this album was like working on a top fuel drag car. We stripped back the engine, then rebuilt it to run faster, louder and more badass, this time though we added nitrous … and a cup holder”.

Special guests will be the Australian riff monster Riff Fist on the dates marked with *. We are looking forward to it!




MAMMOTH MAMMOTH on Sound of Liberation