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After Swedish fierce foursome Crucified Barbara officially announced the end of their 18-year-long history on June 16 2016, it seemed that the music world had lost some of its leading ladies of Rock. While singer and lead guitarist Mia “Coldheart” Karlsson had started venturing away from her main band before, doing guest vocals for Danish Hardrockers Supercharger on their “Redemption Song” in 2011 and thus easily took on a solo career, the other members however vanished from the public, all until last month.

Photo: Mattias Nilsson / Make up: Elin Brännmark

In early April of 2017 a new band suddenly showed up: The Heard. This five-piece might have all three former Crucified Barbara musicians – Jannicke “Nicki Wicked” Lindström on drums, Ida “Evileye” Stenbacka on bass and Klara “Force” Rönnqvist Fors on guitars – but this is clearly not going to be a copycat. With Deathstars bassplayer Jonas “Skinny” Kangur on lead guitars and Russian born and award winning Burlesque Star Pepper Potemkin, The Heard will make this summer especially hot.

Heavy riffs, misty songs, dark waters and a death supreme is all the info the Stockholm-based quintette currently reveals about itself along with a first teaser video – check it out below! The kinky vibes of vocalist Pepper, who is married to former Mustasch and Truckfigthers sticksman Danne McKenzie, the touch of Goth’n’Roll of THE man Skinny and the new darker look of the Barbs are a perfect match.

Picture edited by The Crucifiers


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