Wow, what a rollercoaster ride 2017 has been. Looking back on it now makes me feel mostly good. Tough there have been some setbacks as well, which turned out to be – at least in hindsight – bumps in the road less travelled by. The path of Psychorizon continues with the new year and some important changes as well. After my short-lived return to the booking business and it’s untimely demise in late November, I decided to fully leave organizing events to the professionals and enjoy the feeling I got from just being a fan and lover of music and everything about it. I always saw myself as a woman with a vision, but I had to face to facts that a mere idea and the harsh reality of trying to book bands just do not work well together. And I am totally fine with NOT getting involved anymore. I will always be a great supporter and enthusiast of female musicians, but I don’t have to overextend my own abilities, energy and strength for it.

Electric Fucking Wizard!

Still I’m very proud of all the things I accomplished over the years or rather decades and Psychorizon will remain my main work. 2017 offered some true highlights for me and I hope 2018 will be no different. There were many first times for me watching some of the best bands the planet currently has to offer and some of the best shows I have ever seen including Electric Wizard, Life Of Agony and Myrkur. My uttermost gratitude belongs to my friends who made 2017 an amazing experience!

Rock Fucking Hard!

See you all soon!