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While I was enjoying an extra day off at home right after this years Rock Hard Festival, my partner in crime Queen Of Spades Photography was out and about for some Swedish shenanigans to celebrate ten years of Muskelrock.

Swedish Killer Machine: Spiders

The first edition of this fine event was held in June 2009 and it was a success right from the start. Now it has become a tradition and every year about 1500 headbangers come to the small amusement park Tyrolen to meet old and new friends and listen to good heavy metal music.

Summoning the living: Night Viper

The creators and organizers of the three-day festival have always had a reputation for inviting only the best bands available and this anniversary edition was no exception with legendary acts like Ashbury, Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road garning the line up next to up and coming ones like Death Alley and Slægt. Local bands like Bullet and Horisont shared stages with the likes of Hällas, none of them would miss the chance to play an event like this in their native Sweden. And with Jex Thoth, Spiders, Lucifer, Honeymoon Disease, Night Viper and more, the ladies finally took over!

Star Riders on stage: Hällas

All pictures courtesy of Queen Of Spades Photography