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Growing up as a girl in Germany, I have been exposed to music from very early on. First through my parents listening to songs on the radio, many bands I still love to this day, including Abba, Roxette, Genesis and their former drummer, turned singer with his solo-stuff, Phil Collins, Queen, Chris Rea and all the pupular eighties tunes you can imagine. But it wasn’t untill the 90s that my very own taste in music started to shape. And this famously infamous decade held a ton of trashy acts and one-hit-wonders next to those timeless pieces of pure gold that would stuck in my head and heart forever, at least they are still very much present some 20 to 30 years later. One year in particular turned out to be the most influencial for large parts of music history and my personal biography as well: 1994. Grunge was peaking and imploding almost simultanously with the suicide of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and a few days later the release of his widow Courtney Love and her bands’ Hole most successful record “Live Through This”.

Girlgroups and Boybands aside, there was another band that was the talk of the town and you could either hate or love or both back and forth, as I did or actually do, the Kelly Family. They started off as street musicians and had a respecable run of albums at hand when in 1994 “Over The Hump” marked the turning point of their career and saw me attending the first concert ever, just about three months after my 12th birthday. Fast forward to the present day and “25 Years Later” I am about to finally see them again 25 years and three days after my first time, when they played in a tent owned by the Circus Roncalli.

The band & the bus: Cover of the new album!

Since the comeback of the Kelly Family in 2017, I admited to myself something that I kept private for so long, because when you are 12 and really love and live the whole Grunge and Punk thing with a badass attitude, listening to the Kelly Family wasn’t exactly cool enough to stick to. But when you are 35 cool isn’t that important anymore and beeing true to yourself the only thing that matters. Long story short: I missed out more than I can possibly comprehend and now it’s time to make up for the past 25 years. So, will one single show really do? I guess not, so let’s see how many show I will be able to see after sharing this personal manifesto with the world. The ultimate tour starts 21 days from today and there will be a special warmup show in Emden prior to the full run of dates through Germany. So, see you on the road and onto the next 25 years!


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