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With the first weekend of August already a week behind us, the Festival Season would have peaked by now at the annual Wacken Open Air, marking not only the biggest international Metalfestival but for many the go-to-destination for their private vacation. And even those who don’t enjoy the mass pilgramage way up north in Germany, we would have seen so many open air events by now that staying home is just not an option. All of this in 2020 is only a mere memory or wishful thinking at best due to the pandemic situation that struck pretty much all of our lovely planet a few months back. Life as we knew it has become so different that hardly anyone was prepared and I found myelf scared and shatterd facing empty shelfes at the groceries and shops shut down until further notice as the lockdown was decided by the German Government.

My plans for the past few and upcoming months have been laid to rest and I feel like excisting in a standby-mode, ready to get out and finally enjoy being part of a huge crowed and watch some of my favourite bands with friends. Who knows if this will ever be possible again the way it was before Corona…that said, I didn’t even expect to be shattered about not going Rock Hard Festival for the first time in ages – visiting the local event every year since 2009 and for a total of 13 time so far. Now all that’s left to do is look back at all the fun we had in the past and hope for better days to come. Also I’m hoping for more female musicians to enter the stages at Gelsenkirchen amphitheater – the trailer for the cancelled edition might be a hint for more female empowerment, as it shows Rock Hard editorial assistent Mandy Malon in her natural metal infused habitat, inviting us to the whitsun festivities. Apart from that, only Coralie Baier of Bavarian Epic Metal band Atlantean Kodex would have been around.

Those who are frequent followers of my facebook page or know me in person, will also be aware of the fact that I do enjoy the occational Nineties Nostalgia. Well, that of course is a complete understatement or let me put it this way: In my mind there is a neverending party with all the Eurodance, Boygroups, Girl Power, Techno, R’n’B, Hip Hop, Grunge, Punk, Alternative and what not going on. Strangely enough though, many acts of this decade I only grew fond of rather recently, many of which I saw live last summer at “Die 90er live in Bonn“. Today should have been the day for me to return to the former state capital, but with Germany facing a servere heat wave and my part of the country will reach some sweaty highs at almost 40°C (that is 104°F for all my readers from the US), I am a little less sad that it’s been postponed. Guess all that’s left to do for the time being, is enjoy some old and brand new music. And luckily both Blues Pills and Lucifer got some fresh tracks in 2020. While “Lucifer III” came out on March 20th, the new Blues Pills album “Holy Moly!” will be released on August 21st. So, feast your ears, stay strong & healthy, don’t be a maskhole, keep your distance, thanks for your service, enjoy the summer and be a proud woman, man or anyone you want to be! And of course, see you somewhere sometime in 2021.